Group Health Insurance

Navigating the world of Group Health can be a daunting task, but BeniPro Solutions has been working for over 20 years in the group market, finding solutions from groups of 2 to 1000. Working with Government Municipalities, Banks, Manufacturers, Doctor’s Offices, and Service Type businesses. BeniPro Solutions shows you where the Market is on price and plans as well as the government’s involvement in health care decisions. Market trends are constantly evolving, BeniPro Solutions staff gets timely updates on the latest rulings and market trends that effect your business.
We have seen many changes take place over the past 20+ years and we have experience backing us up in the industry, enabling us to give solid consultative advice, where one of your largest investments lies, and that is with your choice of health care.In today’s market, employee’s that do not have access to a spouse’s policy through work are left out in the cold where health insurance is concerned if their employer does not offer them adequate health insurance. The individual market has all but dried up and employees are looking for employer’s who offer adequate health care for their employee’s.
Although each insurance company operates based on their interpretation of the law and may vary in some of their rules, generally a two-life group, with at least one of them taking the insurance will qualify for a “Small Group” health plan through that employer.



Established Employer Groups

For established employer groups, BeniPro Solutions, shops the market, fills you in on the latest trends in health insurance and educates employer groups and HR personnel on where to go for the best price and the latest in compliance.
Working as an “Independent Broker” we are able to shop the market for the best the industry has to offer. BeniPro Solutions is not captive to any insurance company and we tell the client the truth about our dealings with all insurance carriers, as they forever, changing and evolving.
As a licensed Counselor, we do just that, counsel you on how to save money, how to get a good plan for the value and what is the latest and greatest. We help you stay compliant and will act an extension of your business, assisting with employee applications, enrollments, changes and terminations, as the employer group see’s fit. You will never be sold a product and left to fend for yourself. Our team is here to help you with any and every situation that may arise, from the normal everyday hiring to what to do when you must let someone go.

Partially Self-Funded Plans

Partially Self-Funded Plans, or Level Self-Funded or Balance Funding, what ever you’ve heard them called, we have the carriers to fill this “nitch” market.
A fantastic way to get an awesome plan, while saving, in many cases thousands of dollars in premiums, with no risk, and only potential to gain, by getting premium back at the end of the year. These type plans do have to go through underwriting, either based on a paper or online application or in many cases a simple census will do. We will provide you with underwritten plans from reputable carriers, that are assured to meet the needs of your individual employee’s needs.

ACA Community Rated Plans

Can’t qualify for a Partially Self-Funded plan? No problem, an ACA, Community Rated Plan is ready for you.
An ACA plan does not have to go through underwriting and you are ensured a no-nonsense, employer plan, that any group can qualify for, if you meet the definition of a Qualified Employer Group.

Ask BeniPro Solutions if your employer group qualifies for group coverage!

Voluntary Employee Enrichment

Group Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Short and Long-Term Disability, Doctor on Call, Long Term Care are all available to employer groups as well as Voluntary Employee Enrichment plans, such as Aflac, All State and Colonial plans that bring extra value to your Benefit Package.
As long time Benefit Enrollers with the various companies, Robert brings invaluable Insite and knowledge to this specialized field.
Interested in a “bundling discount” or maybe an unlimited benefit? We have what your looking for when it comes to offering the best the industry has to offer.
Simply express your needs, as well as your desires, to a Team Member of BeniPro Solutions and we will find a company that can accommodate your needs and fulfill your desires.